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» List of CoursesDepartment of Foreign Language , Faculty of Humanities
ประกาศ Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Humanities Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University


Master of Arts Program in English (International Program)

  1. Required Subjects 9     Credits

619  101   Professional Interpretation                                                            3 (3-0-6)                 

Study the principle and method concerning verbal translation of Thai into English language and vice versa which will verbally translate from the listening of different conversations, news reports, speeches and so on, following the method of consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and whispering interpretation for being a qualified interpreter  in different situations,  with an emphasis on role – play or  realistic practice.


619  102   Dhamma Talk                                                                                 (3) (3-0-6)    

           Study the method of Dhamma talks, practice the lecture, preachment and delivery of Dhamma by using Buddhadhamma (Buddhist teachings) in general in order to effectively propagate Buddhism in the homeland  and other countries.


619  203  English  Research Methodology                                                   3 (3-0-6)                 

This course is an introduction to the nature and components of research in language and communication. Emphasis will be on research designs, use of appropriate research approaches and statistical analyses. Students will write research proposals, progress reports, and abstracts for their research studies.


619  304  Methods of Effective English Teaching                                       3 (3-0-6)

            This course  is aimed to study  the theories and methods of teaching English from the past up to now, and principles of teaching according to linguistic theory,  psychology on learning, analysis of each type of teaching methods, and selection of teaching equipment  for evaluation of teaching, including  the suggestions in order to improve the methods of teaching for more efficiency.

600  205 Buddhist Meditation                                                                         (3)(3-0-6)                 

The study of Tranquility and Insight Meditations as appeared in the Tipitaka, commentaries, sub-commentaries, sub-subcommentaries and canonical texts, including different patterns of meditation practices of various meditation schools in Thai society, focusing on observances of sense-objects of  Tranquility and Insight Meditations, steps of meditation practices and  achievements of the practices including. eight  attainments  and sixteen insight knowledge etc.


  1. Major   Subjects       12       Credits

619  106   English for Political Study                                                              3 (3-0-6)                 

Study the concept and theory focusing on the fundamental thoughts of politics, specific terms of social and   political issues, constitution, political participation, general election, political parties, political leadership, political situations under the interim government and decentralization.  And also, the study  covers some issues in the field of international politics.

619  207   Advanced   English  Pronunciation                                          3 (3-0-6)                 

The practices of standard English pronunciations, focusing on accents, rhythms and intonations as used by native speakers of English, using language laboratories as main instruments.


619  108   Formulaic English Writing                                                        3 (3-0-6)                 

Students will be trained for English writing in different registers, such as speeches, letter of acceptance, letter of denial, short messages application forms and notes writing for different social occasions that are expressing congratulations, condolences, gratitude and apology.

619  309   Presentation and Discussion Techniques                                3 (3-0-3)                 

Develop language skills and techniques for formal discussions and presentations during seminars, facilitating students to learn plans and strategies for their presentations, appropriate information choosing, information arrangements, and effective presentation delivery as well as to learn to use of languages in discussion moderations such as interruption, agreement or disagreement and answering questions etc.

  1.   Elective  Subjects       6     Credits

619  110   Intercultural Communication                                                  3 (3-0-6)     

             This course studies the importance of  cultural diversities in communications and interpretation, relationship between culture and English as a medium in speaking and writing and English as an international language.


619  311   Multicultural Literary  Criticism                                             3 (3-0-6)      

This course concerns the  theoretical frameworks and new concepts in an analytical study of literary from different cultures written or translated into English, focusing on the study of contents, cultural differences and the ideas which are the roots of society and literary works from the world’s literary archives newly recognized and developed.

619  312   Introduction to Linguistics                                                      3 (3-0-6)                 

This course introduces the characteristics of language and descriptive linguistics: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.


619  313  Analysis  of  Advanced  English  Grammar                               3 (3-0-6)

Analysis of characteristics of  English grammatical structure and usage.


 619  314   Communicative English for Tour Guide                                3 (3-0-6)       

            Study the principles of tour management.  The students will learn and use vocabularies and expressions needed as a tourist guide. The students will practice using English language skills and expressions in various situations. Oral presentations are also included.


619  215    English in Printed  Media                                                           3 (3-0-6)     

Develop  language skills through a variety of current printed media  i.e.,   newspapers, magazines  and  advertisements; emphasis on principles, styles, syntactic lexical features.

619  216   English for International Business                                          3 (3-0-6)                 

Development of language skills in the workplace, focusing on writing various business letters, faxes, electronic mails and reports, and familiarization with language and forms commonly used in transacting international business.



619  317   Academic Translation                                                              3 (3-0-6)

Study the theory and technique of translation, verbal language, translation of the different cultures’ context, practice the translation of general articles and literary works  with an emphasis on comprehension and interpretation of original texts, choose the use of appropriate words, expressions and styles of writing, study the examples of good translation  of English and Thai language, including the erroneous translation.


407  400  Thesis       12    Credits

It concerns the study and  research in details on the matter in which  students are  interested. The topic of  research must  be concerned with  the topic of the curriculum’s subjects  that are being studied. Students  have  to propose the project to the committees. Firstly the topic of research  has to be proposed to the committees for being  approved.


613  401   Independent    Studies       6     Credits

          It is concerned with self-study on the interesting issue or matter in  English context  under the consent,  guidance or control of the academic advisors  and it has to be written in  the form of  dissertation.