The Faculty of Humanities has offered undergraduate courses since B.E. 2490  (1947) ,from which students, both Thai and foreigner, have successfully graduated. In more recent times, MCU has organized a number of national and international conferences on Buddhism, which have led to an  increase in the number of people of various nationalities wishing to know more about Buddhism, at both a practical and theoretical level.

As a consequence, the Faculty of Humanities has decided to offer a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English taught entirely in the English medium. The course will be open to persons of all nationalities, both monks and lay people. This is in keeping with Charter 6 of the MCU regulations of BE 2540 (1997), which specify that the University should function both as an educational institution and a research center, offering education and research facilities to all. It should also be a center aimed at the preservation of Thai arts and culture.